Gesha - Medium Roast – Colombian Coffee Beans/Ground Coffee

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"Apricot, Jasmine with smooth velvety milk chocolate"


This distinctive coffee originated in the Gori Gesha Forest in Ethiopia. The plant was brought to Central and South America in the 60's. Altitude is an most important characteristics of this coffee, Gesha's coffee plantations are located between 1500 to 2000 meters. By definition very demanding growing conditions result in low coffee bean yields, with a delicate, unique and complex taste. A cup of Gesha is often more than £50!!! Aristobulo has been growing coffee for fifty years in Finca La Victoria, Ortega Tolima at 1830 altitud. In the harvest coffee is picked every 20 days and taken to the beneficio, pulped and ferments for 24 hours in a tiled tank. The coffee is then washed 3 times and taken to raised 'African beds' to dry.

How to enjoy this coffee

It is possible to brew a great cup of Gesha using a cafetiere or pour over fillet. Start with 18g coffee per 300ml water. Be sure to freshly grind.

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At Black Mountain Roast we say Gesha, but we are influenced largely by growing regions in Colombia. The name comes from its provenance in eastern Ethiopia, near the town of Gesha, where it is believed to have originated. But over time, as it made its way around the world, the name took on a new form and now both ways of spelling are widely use.