Guatemala – Coffee Beans/Ground Coffee

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"Pear, red apple and brown sugar, spicy finish"



This third generation family owned farm uses sustainable methods to produce coffee to the highest standards while taking care of the environment.

Finca Santo Tomas Perdido, means Farm Saint Thomas The Lost. Legend here is that Jesus chosen Lake Atlitan as the most beautiful place in the world to have a meeting with the Apostles. Saint Thomas was missing and found where the farm is now located as to him that was the most beautiful place in the world and He was waiting for them there. 

LAKE ATLITAN formed more than 84.000 years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions, located in the southwestern highlands of Guatemala 1650-1900 altitude. Rich volcanic soils,

How to enjoy this coffee

This batch has been gently roasted to be suitable for cafetiere, filter, Aeropress and home espresso type brews. We are now delivering coffee straight to your door. All freshly ground coffee to suit your prefered brewing method or as whole coffee beans. Our 1kg coffee bags mean you can now by our freshly roasted coffee in bulk.

Coffee Gifts and the gift of coffee

Our freshly roasted coffee can now be ordered as a birthday gift or for any special occasion.  The Gift of coffee is available on a weekly, monthly or two monthly basis, or as a one off order.  

We use 100% arabica beans, perfectly roasted to create award winning coffee available for delivery directly across the UK.


Coffee Subscription - Get £5 off your first order.

Regular delivery of freshly roasted award winning coffee beans or ground coffee can be the perfect gift for any coffee lover or drinker.  Flexible coffee bean or ground coffee subscriptions can be changed, skipped or cancelled at any point.