KENYA – Thunguri AA Coffee Beans/Ground Coffee

"Intense blackcurrant and dark cherry flavours, super clean with great acidity."

KENYA – Thunguri AA

This farmers’ co-op consists of over 1,500 smallholdings, which year after year produce some of Kenya’s finest coffee. Located at 1,700m, the rich red volcanic soil grows excellent beans, which are hand-picked and washed before being direct-traded by the co-op for the best returns to members.

How to enjoy this coffee

This batch has been gently roasted to be suitable for cafetiere, filter, Aeropress and home espresso type brews. We are now delivering coffee straight to your door. All freshly ground coffee or coffee bean purchases from the online coffee shop are available for delivery. Our 1kg coffee bags mean you can now by our Welsh coffee in bulk.