DECAFFEINATED - Coffee Beans/Ground Coffee

"Our Decaf coffee has a cup profile of red cherry and dark chocolate with hints of crystallised ginger and pepper spice

Decaffeinated - Decaf Coffee beans from East Timor and Honduras

Quality coffee from two continents is gently roasted to provide one of the best Decaf coffee you will taste: The Sparkling Water Decaffeination process is used whereby natural carbon dioxide is combined with water to create conditions which create a  highly solvent substance for caffeine in coffee. 

How to enjoy this coffee

This batch has been gently roasted, then freshly and expertly ground to be suitable for cafetiere and filter-type brews. Our online coffee shop means you may now purchase our Welsh ground decaf coffee and our Welsh decaf coffee beans online. All of our decaf coffee is available for delivery. Additionally you may now buy freshly ground or roasted coffee beans for decaffienated coffee in bulk with 1kg decaf coffee bags available.