COLOMBIA – Inga Aponte Coffee Beans/Ground Coffee

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" A rich coffee with strawberry and peach sherbet with sweet rum and a honeyed yoghurt finish."

Colombian coffee from Luna De Miel farm. Part of the Nuevo Futuro Association providing alternatives to illicit crop growing. The farm has organic status producing honey coffees as well as washed coffees . The coffee is pulped and fermented for 12-16 hours before being dried for 8-14 days. The coffee beans are supplied in 60kg sacks. 

How to enjoy this coffee

This batch has been gently roasted, then freshly and expertly ground to be suitable for cafetiere and filter-type brews. Our online coffee shop means you may now purchase all of our Welsh ground coffee and our Welsh coffee beans online. All of our coffee is available for delivery. Additionally you may now buy freshly ground coffee or roasted coffee beans in bulk with 1kg or larger coffee bags available.

Coffee Subscription - Get £5 off your first order.

Regular delivery of freshly roasted award winning coffee beans or ground coffee can be the perfect gift for any coffee lover or drinker.  Flexible coffee bean or ground coffee subscriptions can be changed, skipped or cancelled at any point.