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One of our customers, Emma van Woerkom, enjoyed our Kenya AA-grade coffee so much she was inspired to scribe this wonderful ditty about coffee.

We can't decide if it's John Betjeman or more John Cooper Clark. You decide!

We love it and hope you do too.

All you morning mug slinkers,
With your 'need to wake up' blinkers
To those fine bone china clinkers
Sipping with pinkies held aloft!

The workers and the hard-hat slurpers
The two sugar and cream stirrers
The after dinner minters
With espresso round their chops

The debunkers and the flunkers
Groaning ill-timed biscuit dunkers
The sleep-starved squint to bright eyes
As the caffeine hits the spot.

From connoisseur to craver
All desire full bodied flavour
Or perhaps a little cuppa
Just to round the meal off.

From born again to never-tried-it Jane,
From Himalaya to Kenya plain
For me the Black Mountains can boast
A superior coffee roast!

(c)Emma van Woerkom Twitter: @thehaywriter

Written by Edward Leir

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